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Elon Musk’s X set to launch new ‘X TV’ app to challenge YouTube

Elon Musk’s X set to launch new ‘X TV’ app: The world of technology, starting with british competition regulators who have announced they will investigate recent AI deals made by Microsoft and Amazon. The regulators are concerned that these deals might stifle competition in the AI industry.

Elon Musk’s launch new ‘X TV’ app to challenge YouTube

UK’s competition regulators say they will examine Microsoft’s partnership with France Mistral AI and the hiring of key staff from another startup, inflection AI. Additionally, they are investigating Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic, which is a San Francisco based AI company.

This move comes as big tech companies have been investing, investing heavily in generative AI startups to strengthen their positions and shield themselves from competition in the market. Well, in an announcement exercise has shared that social media platform is said to rival YouTube with its own tv app.

Yacarino unveiled the plans in a statement and outlined the platforms aim to provide users with a seamless experience from the small screen to the big screen. According to the CEO’s tweet, the new X TV app promises to deliver high quality video content directly to smart tvs for an immersive experience. Here, the user interface of the X TV app bears a strong striking resemblance to YouTube.

This suggests that X is positioning itself as a direct competitor to the Google own platform. Highlighted features of the soon to be launched app include trending video algorithm and AI powered topics, among others. The launch date of the app is yet to be revealed. In recent times, robots verbal skills have progressed significantly, but their nonverbal communication, especially facial expressions, has trailed behind.

However, this is changing with Emo, a smiling robot face engineered by Columbia Universitys Creative Machines Lab. Emo utilizes AI to mimic human smiles and other facial expressions, marking a significant advancement in human robot interaction. Researchers believe emo can enhance interactions between humans and robots by accurately anticipating and mimicking human facial expressions. Now the robot can predict a human smile 0.84 seconds before it happens.

The primary goal of Himo project is to develop a robotic face that can enhance interactions between human and robots. We are particularly focused on improving number of communication skills which are crucial for making those interactions more natural and engaging.

IMO adjusts this by using its 26 motors, soft skin and camera embedded eyes so it can perform responsive nonverbal communications and also eye contact and facial expressions. The team aims to further improve Emo’s capabilities by integrating verbal communication, enabling the robot to engage in more complex and natural conversations.



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