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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 – Breaking The Chains

The Galaxy Z Flip five, with its larger cover screen and slimmer design than its predecessors, was a whartish moment in Samsung’s flip phone line. However, there is still a lot of space for development with Samsung’s next foldable phone, which will most likely be called the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Samsung split phones have come a long way since the first Galaxy Z Flip released in 2020, but I’m still waiting for longer battery life and upgraded cameras that rival those in the Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

Whats most vital, however, is to improve the software. The Galaxy Z Flip fives cover screen, with its glanceable widget like UI and complete app support, is a promising step forward. However, I believe Samsung could improve the software experience even further by adding more functions intended exclusively for the Z Flip.

Combine it with a less apparent crease, and all of the other standard updates that phones receive, such as a new chip and the Galaxy Z Flip 6 could be the phone to beat Samsung routinely announces new foldable phones during its summer unpacked event, and we expect that to happen again this year. Here is what I believe Samsung should do to make the Galaxy Z Flip 6 genuinely stand out.

Samsung clearly understands that software is almost as crucial as hardware when it comes to folding phones. Flex mode, which splits apps between the top and bottom sides of the screen when folded halfway, has been included with the Galaxy Z Flip since its inception. Since then, Samsung has gradually expanded the Z Flip’s software capabilities. In 2022, for example, it added the ability to use the bottom half of the screen as a mousepad for easy navigating in Flex mode. In 2023, the Galaxy Z Flip received a considerably larger cover screen, making the phone more usable while closed.

These enhancements are certainly welcome, and the COVID screen makes a stronger case for a phone that folds in half. Overall, Samsung could do a lot more with the Galaxy Z Flip software. Flex mode makes apps usable while the phone is folded halfway, but it doesnt always provide a compelling reason to purchase a foldable phone in the first place. As for what Samsung should do with the Galaxy Z Flip software, I dont know yet. However, now that Samsung is focusing more on software with the introduction of Galaxy AI, there are lots of opportunities.

As I stated in my review of the S 24 Ultra, I believe Samsung wasted a chance by not developing unique Galaxy AI capabilities for the ultra, such as those that utilize the S Pen. The same may be stated for Samsung’s flip phone. Galaxy AI capabilities built specifically to the Galaxy Z Flip’s distinctive folding display might go a long way toward distinguishing Samsung’s foldable, especially as it confronts increased competition from competitors such as Motorola and Oppo. Won Jun Choi, executive vice president and head of Samsung’s mobile experience businesses Research and development center, hinted that in the future, the company may adopt specific Galaxy AI functions based on the device.

Samsung may potentially add extra features to the COVID screen. As I said in my review, only select apps are natively compatible with the Galaxy Z Flip five’s cover screen. Apps do not transition as smoothly from the main internal screen to the COVID screen as they do on the Motorola Rasa Plus. I understand Samsung’s logic behind this. If you lose your phone, it’s safe to believe you’re done with it for now, but it would be good to at least be able to resume where you left off, perhaps by clicking an app icon as on the Razr. I admire that Samsung did not simply make the COVID screen a smaller version of a standard sized smartphone display. 

However, what ive seen on the Galaxy Z Flip five feels like its only scraping the surface of whats possible with a pocket sized secondary screen that fits in the palm of your hand. Samsungs foldable phones are not known for having the companys best cameras, but Im hopeful this changes. The Galaxy Z Flip five includes twelve megapixel wide and ultra wide cameras.

However, the S 24 and 24 plus have a higher resolution 50 mp main camera sensor. Im not anticipating the same camera quality as the Galaxy S 24 Ultra, which Samsung markets primarily as a smartphone. For photography aficionados, however, the business should at least bring the Galaxy Z Flip 6th up to par with the ordinary S 24. If the reports are true, Samsung may do exactly that. According to the blog Galaxy Club, Samsungs forthcoming flip phone will feature a 50 megapixel camera.

While camera quality is unlikely to be the primary motivation for purchasing a foldable device, a $1,000 phone such as the Galaxy Z Flip five should feature a camera comparable to that of other high end smartphones. The Z flips design has surely grown and improved over time. In 2023, for example, Samsung introduced a new hinge that allows the Z Flip five to fold fully flat with no gap. Before that, the Galaxy Z Flip four received Corning Gorilla Glass fictus Plus on the exterior for increased durability.

The crease in the center of the display, on the other hand, has remained relatively unchanged. The crease on the Z Flip five feels slightly flatter to the touch than on the Galaxy Z flip four, but it is still extremely evident. Eliminating the crease is undoubtedly a difficult engineering challenge, especially if Samsung does not want to boost the Z flips pricing. However, firms like Oppo are making headway in this area. As my colleague Sarina Dehram noted in her assessment of the oppo find n three flip, she didnt detect the wrinkle at first and had to move the phone to a specific angle to view it.

Samsung increased the battery capacity of the s 24 and 24 plus in comparison to its predecessors, and Im hopeful the Z flip six will follow suit. Samsung hasnt changed the Z flips battery capacity since the Z flip four, which was upgraded to 3700 ma from the Z flip threes 3300 ma. The Z Flip five has enough battery life to last a full day, but there is always space for improvement. For example, when I tested the phone while traveling last year, I still had 25% to 30% battery life after a long day of taking photos and searching for directions, among other things.

According to my colleague Patrick Holland’s evaluation, that’s impressive and about comparable to the Galaxy S 24.

However, based on his usage, the Galaxy S 24 plus lasted two days on a single charge. Even if the Z Flip Six doesnt make a significant difference, it would be wonderful to see some battery improvements, whether from a larger battery or improved power efficiency. Its also worth mentioning that the Z Flip has an extra small display to power, which may make it more difficult to increase battery life.

Overall. Im expecting a mix of common updates like as better cameras and longer battery life, and innovative new features designed exclusively for the Z Flip six. The Z Flip five is already one of, if not the greatest, foldables available today. Now the question is what Samsung can do next to keep its advantage.



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