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US House to vote on long-awaited Ukraine aid bill

US House to vote: The United States lawmakers are all set to vote on three military aid packages for Ukraine, the state of Israel, and also its allies in the Asia Pacific region. The US Senate is expected to consider a $95 billion package despite the objections that have been voiced by the party hardliners, while House Speaker Mike Johnson has been urged to bring up the bills for a vote.

The three bills come at a pretty crucial time. Ukraine has desperately pleaded to the United States to pass the aid bill, claiming that it is running out of ammunition to defend its territory. The US top commanders have also warned that Ukraine will be outgunned, probably in the next ten days if it does not get the needed ammunition.

US House to vote on long-awaited Ukraine

US House to vote on long-awaited Ukraine aid bill

The US Senate is also under immense pressure to pass the bill given that Iran had launched an unprecedented attack on the state of Israel last week. Amidst the simmering tensions in West Asia. The american ally Israel is also looking for aid to bolster its own defense systems. Feeling the pressure, the US House speaker has come up with a multi pronged approach that will see three separate votes on the partitioned bills.

The first voting will be on allocating $60.84 billion in the long delayed aid to Ukraine. The US funding for Ukraine includes about $23.2 billion to replenish us weapons stocks and facilities and $11.3 billion for us training of ukrainian troops and $13.8 billion for the purchase of advanced weapon systems, $26 million for oversight and accountability of aid to Ukraine and $9 billion in terms of repayable economic assistance.

The congress was in a bit of a deadlock over this military aid. For months, America first hard liners have complained about the billions of dollars that are being spent in these overseas wars. But they insist that any foreign aid proposal should be paired with us border security reforms are very vital for the Americans.

Now part of the voting will be for the $26.32 billion of aid, that is military aid package for the Israelis. This aid package includes $5.2 billion to expand Israel’s missile and rocket defense systems, $3.5 billion to purchase more advanced weapons, $1 billion to enhance the weapons production capacity of Israel, $4.4 billion for other supplies and services to the State of Israel at about another $9.2 billion in terms of other humanitarian aid for the Israelis. US House to vote on long-awaited Ukraine aid bill.

The third part of the voting will focus on $8.12 billion for the Asia Pacific allies to counter China and to ensure a strong deterrence in the Pacific region. This includes about $3.3 billion for developing submarine infrastructure at about $2 billion in terms of military financing for Taiwan and other allies.

A fourth bill, which will be voted on the same day, contains separate foreign policy proposals on seizing russian assets and imposing sanctions on Iran, Russia, and China. Since the bills are separate and will be taken up individually, individual legislators can vote against the provisions without holding up the entire effort. If the House passes the bills, the Senate may approve the package as soon as possible, and President Jo Ban has pledged to sign it into a law.

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