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Two Japanese naval choppers crash into sea, one dead

Two Japanese naval choppers crash: There has been tragic news coming from Japan. Two japanese maritime self Defense Force choppers have reportedly crashed off the island’s southern coast, as reported by japanese Defence Minister Minoru Kihara.

The two Sh 60K choppers, carrying four crew members each lost contact late on Saturday around 10:30 p.m. Local time near two Torishima island in the Izu island chain system, about 600 Tokyo.

Japanese naval choppers crash into sea

The mishap is said to have occurred during a nighttime training exercise, with defence ministry officials suspecting that both the choppers collided mid air during close proximity manoeuvres.

First responders have recovered two flight data recorders, a blade from each helicopter, and fragments believed to be from both choppers in the same area.

The defence ministry has suspended all sh sixties up until further investigation into the incident, which can ascertain the cause of the twin crash.

Seven of the eight missing JMSDF personnel remain unaccounted for. Search and rescue operations, meanwhile, have been expanded with the deployment of twelve japanese warships. Seven aircraft, along with Coast Guard patrol boats.



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