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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 – YES, Mind Blowing !

Brace yourselves. The first glimpse of the Galaxy Z Fold six is finally here. Cast aside all your preconceived notions about this phone because it appears that the rumors were wildly inaccurate. This revelation is set to redefine our understanding and expectations of what this incredible device has to offer.

So all leaks has just unveiled the Zfold six renders, showcasing a revolutionary design. This isn’t about speculation or concept art anymore. These renders are derived directly from Samsung’s official CAD schematics shared with case manufacturers ahead of time. Now prepare to be amazed.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 – Mind Blowing

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Z Fold 6 Samsung Galaxy – Yes, Everything So Far

The first thing that catches your eye is the shape. The Zfold six rocks a silhouette that brings back vibes from the S 24 Ultra. It’s like they took the S 24 Ultra and stretched it into this almost square look. And you know what? I’ve always been a fan of those boxier phones, so it’s awesome to see the Galaxy notes design vibe carried over to the zfold. All right, now let’s talk about where those leaks missed the mark.

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First off, the thickness. A few days back, the word was out that the Z Fold six would be Samsung’s slimmest foldable phone ever. Well, that didn’t pan out. The official dimensions reveal that when opened, the phone is 6.1 mm thick, exactly like the Z fold five. Although all leaks didn’t mention the folded thickness. But that rumored 11 mm thickness off, it’s probably rocking the same thickness as the Zfold Five, or maybe just a smidge thinner at best.

If you think about the way the Olympics looks, their logo is rings, right? Attached. Why wouldn’t they come out with the ring at the same time and promote it? So it makes total sense that Samsung would be launching those three products, if not also the new Galaxy buds three and three pro as well, with potential OLEd on top of that case. So there’s a lot to look forward to in July. And you won’t have to wait for August for this phone to launch. It should launch and be released in everything in July. So we’re looking at what is it now? So March, April, May, June, July, So five months.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 – Unbelievable

That’s what we’re pretty much looking at at this moment. And our last story of the day, we talked about unpacked happening with the Zflip six. This is what it looks like. Some of the rumors are coming out saying was going to have a 3.9 inch outside display. Unfortunately, it’s not true. It’s going to have the same size displays that it did last year. So if 6.7 inches on the bigger display and then 3.4 inches if I’m not mistaken, on the outside.

So same size displays as last year and pretty much looks like last year’s version. It is thicker though. That’s probably the biggest takeaway from this. Instead of 6.9 mm thin, it’s going to be 7.4 mm thick. So a little bit thicker and you should get a bigger battery. So you should go up to 4000 milliampere on the battery. So bigger battery is also thicker, but I’m fine with that. You know, this isn’t my favorite phone, but I’m fine with these phones getting thicker. Put a bigger battery in there so that we get more battery life. So that’s what it’s looking like.

Not an exciting upgrade next rogue Singh, the esteemed CEO of display supply chain consultants, previously suggested that Samsung was planning to increase the display sizes for both the Z Fold six and Zflip six. However, it appears this information was not accurate, as the display sizes encompassing both outer and inner parts remain unchanged. Additionally, there were whispers about Samsung expanding the width of the Zfold six. Now this rumor isn’t entirely off the mark. Samsung did make the Zfold six a tad wider, but it’s not a game changer to break it down.

When unfolded, the Zfold six is 2.6 mm wider than the Z Fold five, translating to just one 3 mm when folded. It’s not a massive change by any means. I bet most folks wouldn’t even notice the difference. The Zfold Six seems to be a bit shorter by a similar but less dramatic margin. The rumors, however, were on point when it came to the cameras. They’re sticking with the same setup as the Zfold five. Oh, and quick heads up.

There’s no slot for the S pen on this one either. So overall, the biggest change the zfold six brings to the table is the new squareish design. Having those square edges is a smart move since it slightly boosts the screen real estate, though rounded corners won’t be cutting off any UI elements. By the way, Samsung is not just topping at the zfold six, they’re rolling out a more budget friendly version. And it’s not just a wild rumor.



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