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Meat substitutes can be found in eight types of protein foods

Meat substitutes protein foods: In the human body, the most important element that plays a role in building new cells as well as building muscle and skin is meat or protein. Broiler chicken and eggs are one of the sources of this beneficial protein in Bangladesh. But the recent rise in the price of broiler chicken has led many people in the middle and lower classes to reduce their consumption of chicken meat and eggs.

Again, the price of domestic chicken or beef is so high that there is no way to think of them as alternatives. However, this reduction in protein intake can cause various health problems. According to nutritionists, non-vegetarian malnutrition or protein energy malnutrition can lead to PM if the daily protein deficiency is not met. Also vitamin A, iodine and iron deficiency diseases can occur.

In this regard, nutritionists have said that the physical growth of children will not be proper if they do not eat the minimum amount of protein as required. The growth of the unborn child of pregnant mothers will be reduced, the quantity and quality of milk of lactating mothers will decrease, the immunity of the elderly will decrease and the aging will begin to accelerate. And adults, who do manual labor, will start to break down their muscles without eating the right amount of protein.

Apart from this, problems such as skin problems, bone weakness, hair loss etc. will appear, meaning that protein deficiency will lead people to a fragile state, according to nutritionists. But there is nothing to panic because here are some protein alternatives that are easily available and fairly cheap in the market, which can provide protein close to that of meat and eggs. Those who are vegetarians or those who exercise or do sports, this video will be useful for them.

How much protein for whom?

Meat substitutes can be found in eight

How much protein you need will depend on your height, weight, age, daily activity level and health status. According to nutritionists, an adult should consume the same number of grams of protein per day as they weigh. Simply put, if an adult weighs 50 kg, he should consume 50 grams of protein daily. Children need to consume slightly more protein regularly. For example, if a child weighs 20 kg, he should eat 25 grams of protein daily.

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Elderly people without kidney complications as well as pregnant and lactating women will need one and a half grams of their weight, i.e. if they weigh 50 kg, then they should eat 75 grams of protein per day. But if you are overweight, you should increase your protein intake if you are underweight and underweight. 25 to 30 percent of the daily diet should be protein in obese people. According to nutritionists, this calculation is minimal and eating less protein will start to cause physical complications. Many people think of protein as just fish, eggs or meat. Undoubtedly, they are first-class proteins, but a variety of grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables can also provide you with close to first-class protein.

Let’s know about nine protein-rich foods that are meat substitutes


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Fish. Even if the price of broiler chicken has gone up, try to meet your protein needs by eating relatively cheap fish in the market. Because animal protein is very important for the human body. In this case, small fish, tilapia fish, horn and magur fish can be examples.


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Dal. A variety of pulses can be rich sources of protein. So it is important to keep daily food pulses. Nutritionists have said that if rice is mixed with several types of pulses to make khichdi, its protein value is close to that of meat protein. As pulses you can choose lentils, mung beans, chickpeas.


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Sattu. Sattu is rich in protein. Which helps to build muscle. For this you can eat a cup of chatur cerelak every morning.

Nuts and seeds

Meat substitutes can be found protein from Nuts and seeds. A variety of nuts, such as almonds, almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, as well as beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc., are a great alternative to meat protein. Can be eaten as an afternoon snack or as a meal with almond batter or peanut butter spread on bread.


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Vegetables. Any green leafy vegetable is rich in protein. 100 grams or one cup of green leafy vegetables can provide up to five grams of protein in the daily diet. Green leafy vegetables include spinach, collard greens, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus are very nutritious.

Milk and dairy products

Meat substitutes can be found protein from Milk and dairy products. Milk is said to be the ideal balanced food. As a source, you can rely on milk and various dairy products made from milk, such as cheese and yogurt.


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Jackfruit. Different types of fruits contain different types of protein. But jackfruit has the most protein. The protein-rich jackfruit is becoming popular day by day as a meat substitute in the western world, according to Krishi Batayan.


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Mushroom. Eating mushrooms three to four times a week does not cause protein deficiency in the body, so if you want to have a meatless protein diet, definitely include mushrooms in the list. Mushrooms are very useful for increasing muscle strength.


Meat substitutes can be found protein from Say. It is said that soybeans contain more protein than meat. It also contains essential amino acids. The human body uses amino acids to make proteins. The body cannot produce acid on its own. So it has to be taken through food. So soy can be a good protein substitute. Soybean milk is used to supplement the protein supply in high protein diets. Besides soy meat, tofu is a high protein source. So, since soy is a genetically modified product, it is not advisable to consume high amounts of protein daily. You can eat once a week.

Precautions to eat protein

Protein takes time to digest. That’s why eating more protein at night can cause digestive problems, gas, heartburn. Protein should be chewed well for proper digestion. Many people love protein shakes. Protein shakes contain high quality protein. Usually athletes or anyone doing high intensity workouts can consume protein shakes. No need beyond that. For example, if you exercise or run for half an hour in the morning and sit for the rest of the day, there is no need for a protein shake. Eating protein puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys to remove pollution from the body. Therefore, if you have kidney problems, you should eat protein on the advice of a doctor.

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