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16 Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat Unlimitedly and Still Lose Weight!

16 amazing low carb vegetables you can eat unlimitedly and still lose weight. These vegetables are incredibly low in carbs, allowing you to enjoy them in generous amounts even if you’re following strict low carb diets like the ketogenic diet. In this video, each vegetable we discuss contains less than 5 grams of net carbs per 100 grams serving. Net carbs are the digestible carbohydrates that our body uses for energy.

This low carb content ensures that you’ll likely feel full before there’s any chance of overeating these foods. Before we dive into our list, it’s important to note that while some items we will discuss are botanically classified as fruits and fungi, they are often included in vegetable list because of their similar use in recipes and nutritional profiles. With this in mind, let’s explore these nutritious low carb options.

16 Amazing Low Carb Vegetables


A standout in the squash family for its notably low carbohydrate content, it’s exceptionally versatile in the kitchen. When you compare zucchini to other squashes like pumpkins with 6.5 grams of net carbs and butternut squash with 10 grams, zucchini stands out with only two one net carbs per 100 grams. Zucchini can be roasted, fried or grilled in the low carb community, it’s famously used as a pasta substitute. You can transform zucchini into spaghetti using a spiralizer. Try incorporating it into a zucchini bolognaise dish, or if you’re up for something new, use it as a noodle alternative in a flavorful ramen noodle dish. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.

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Number two eggplants. These versatile vegetables are known for their ability to soak up flavors from other ingredients, making them a fantastic addition to various dishes. A popular and healthy way to use eggplants is to slice them thinly and substitute them for traditional lasagna sheets. This not only infuses the dish with a unique texture, but also reduces the overall carbohydrate content, creating a delightful low carb variant of the classic lasagna. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


This vegetable is renowned for its remarkable flavor, particularly when it’s locally sourced and in season. Asparagus serves as an excellent low carb side dish. Whether it’s steamed, sauteed or barbecued, it pairs exceptionally well with steak, adding a delicious and nutritious element to the meal. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


while it might initially seem like a mundane vegetable, especially when just boiled or steamed, there are numerous exciting ways to prepare broccoli stir frying, roasting or even blending it into a soup can transform this common vegetable into a delightful and flavorful dish. These cooking methods not only enhance its taste, but also maintain its low carb quality, making it a versatile addition to a healthy diet. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Though technically not vegetables but fungi, mushrooms are often grouped with vegetables due to their similar culinary uses and nutritional profiles. They are exceptionally low in carbohydrates, making them a popular choice in low carb diets. A simple yet delicious way to prepare them is by sauteing in butter and garlic, resulting in a flavorful side dish. Mushrooms can also be combined with cheese for a delectable omelet filling or used to create a creamy mushroom sauce that’s perfect with steak. Their versatility and low carb content contribute to their frequent inclusion in vegetablecentric and health conscious recipes. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Here’s an interesting tidbit. Red peppers are actually fully ripe green peppers transitioning through yellow as they ripen. This ripening process increases the sugar content in the peppers. Green peppers are an excellent low carb option with only three net carbs, while red and yellow peppers are also good choices. Containing about 5 grams of net carbs per 100 grams, peppers can be sliced and enjoyed raw in salads or cooked in dishes like a flavorful beef fajita, adding color, texture and nutrition. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Avocados are a powerhouse of healthy fats, making them a superfood in the low carb world. They can enhance salads with their richness, add a creamy texture to smoothies or be mashed into homemade guacamole. Preparing guacamole yourself is easy and yields a taste that surpasses storebought varieties. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


There’s some debate about including tomatoes in low carb diets, perhaps due to the varying sweetness and carb content among different varieties. However, most tomatoes are relatively low in carbs. They offer immense versatility in the kitchen, being delightful both raw and salads and cooked in various dishes. A word of caution, be mindful of sundried tomatoes. Similar to dried fruits, the drying process concentrates the sugars, making them higher in carbs than their fresh counterparts. This distinction is crucial for those strictly monitoring their carb intake. Amazing Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Contrary to what some might think, cabbages don’t have to be dull. Shredded cabbage can be the perfect base for coleslaw or serve as a noodle substitute in low carb stir fries. With the right seasoning and preparation, cabbage dishes can be incredibly delicious. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


These might be divisive in terms of taste, but they play a significant role in numerous recipes, especially in low carb cooking. Olives are an excellent snack choice, particularly for those on the go. Due to their availability, you can often find small pots of olives in most supermarkets, making them a convenient and healthy option for snacking while traveling or for quick bites. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.

Green leafy vegetables

This category encompasses a variety of nutritious options such as spinach, spring greens and kale. While they may not be the most exciting vegetables on the list, their low carb content and abundance of essential nutrients make them invaluable. Whether you choose to cook them or blend them into smoothies, incorporating more green leafy vegetables into your diet is always a wise choice for maintaining a healthy low carb lifestyle. Their versatility and health benefits should not be overlooked. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Lettuce is a staple in the world of salads, offering a crisp, fresh base that complements a variety of toppings and dressings. Its high water content and low calorie and carb count make it an excellent choice for those on a low carb diet. Lettuce isn’t just limited to salads, it can be used as a wrap for other fillings, adding crunch and freshness to any meal. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Cucumbers bring a refreshing element to any dish thanks to their high water content and crisp texture. They are incredibly low in both calories and carbs, making them a great choice for snacking or adding to salads. Beyond salads, cucumbers can be pickled, blended into cold soups or used as a garnish, offering a cool contrast to warmer dishes. Their versatility extends far beyond the salad bowl, making them a valuable addition to a variety of culinary creations.

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Radishes (including the daiken radish or mooli) 

Radishes, are often an underrated vegetable in low carb diets. Traditionally thought of as a salad ingredient, as showcased in the delicious salmon niquas salad, radishes have far more potential. They can be roasted or stir fried, opening up a range of creative culinary possibilities. Their crisp texture and slightly spicy flavor make them a unique addition to any meal. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.

Green Beans

Featured as well in the salmon niquaz salad. Green beans are not just versatile for salads and stir fries, but also as a standalone side dish. Their suitability for meal prep is noteworthy. Once cooked, they maintain their quality in the fridge for several days. This characteristic makes green beans an excellent choice for those who like to prepare their meals in advance, ensuring they have a healthy low carb option readily available. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.


Cauliflower might just be the crown jewel of low carb vegetables. Its versatility is unparalleled. It can be mashed as a substitute for potatoes. Imagine it blended with parmesan to top a scrumptious shepherd’s pie. Or try grating it, pulsing it in a blender, or chopping it finely to use as a low carb rice alternative. Roasting cauliflower florets or steaks in the oven with just salt, pepper and oil creates a simple yet delicious side dish. The culinary magic of cauliflower doesn’t stop there. It can even be transformed into a pizza base. If cauliflower can become a pizza base, it truly showcases the endless possibilities in a low carb diet. Low Carb Vegetables You Can Eat.

This exploration is just the beginning of discovering how these vegetables can transform meals into healthier, more enjoyable experiences to delve deeper into healthy eating.



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