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Eating more food together | What will happen to the body?

What happens to the body by eating more food together?

One of the changes that can occur in the body after eating large amounts of food at once is feeling more hungry. How do you feel after Eating more food together? There may be nausea, vomiting, and a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Even then, those who have a habit of eating more can eat the same amount of food again the next day.

During any big festival like Eid or Puja Parban, why do many people feel hungry again the next day after eating full? Does overeating increase our stomach retention? Does it mean that the next day your stomach has room for more food? The answer is that eating more does not make you hungry, but people feel hungry in their stomachs.

What is the feeling of hunger?

Does the feeling of hunger increase due to eating more food together? The urge that people feel to eat something is due to several physiological changes inside the human body. It is true that when one is hungry his stomach changes. The stomach contracts, as food is digested and moves into the intestines. Abdominal rumbling sounds as air and food move down together. This sound is the first signal that we are going to be hungry. Because it can be heard and happens in one’s own body. After making the sound, the stomach begins to expand again in preparation for taking in the new food. These are under the influence of hormones.

Does eating food make the stomach bigger?

Eating more food together

Does the stomach grow due to eating more food together? Many times many people are heard to say that eating food makes the stomach bigger, it is not right. Stomach is very elastic. So even after eating more food it returns to its previous state. Most people’s stomachs are about the same in all capacities. The height or weight of that person does not affect it much.

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Post-hormonal release of hunger

Does the feeling of hunger increase due to eating more food together? We are not very aware of this. Neuropeptides Y and A GRP secreted from the stomach, grayling, and hypothalamus are hunger hormones. Grayling is secreted when the stomach is empty. And it helps to trigger the production of NPY and AGRP in our brain. These two hormones are responsible for creating the feeling of hunger. Which overpowers our sense of emotional satisfaction. On the other hand, grayling levels are higher in lean individuals than in obese individuals.

You might think that a person who eats more would have more hunger hormones. But the opposite is seen. Because our digestive system is quite complex. Only three hormones are needed to feel hunger. Satiety, on the other hand, requires a dozen or more hormones. Among them, GRP and GLP1 play a role in the production of insulin, which is necessary to maintain normal glucose levels. Several other hormones work to slow the movement of food through our stomach. So that our body gets enough time to digest food.

Two things are associated with feeling less hungry. CKK and PYY. Patients who have gastric banding to reduce the size of their stomachs have higher levels of PYY. Due to this, appetite decreases. A separate hormone system in the stomach tells your brain when the stomach is empty. Still, this hormone also gets a lesson to feel hungry at certain times of the day according to your habits. So no matter how much you eat at lunch, you’ll be hungry when it’s time for dinner.

According to Center Data and former Mashfiq University researcher Carolien van den Ack, overeating is not always bad, but binge eating, which is when you eat a large amount of food in a short period of time, is bad. Overeating is like a habit. Many feel that they can quit if they want to. But following a diet can be difficult due to intense cravings for habitual foods.

Various studies have shown that people eat more when they eat together than when they eat alone. Even during various festivals when more time is spent at the dining table for various reasons, socialization leads to overeating. It’s no wonder that many people feel hungry again after eating a large meal sitting down with family or friends. It does not mean that our stomachs have expanded but that we are used to eating more during special occasions. Van den Eck says that this knowledge is used to overcome unhealthy eating habits. He said, there we have to make sure that eating something good once does not mean that we have to eat that food again tomorrow.



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