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Donald Trump can stay on presidential ballot rules US Supreme Court

Now we’re going to move away from the Middle east because we have some breaking news which relates to the US and the US presidential race in the past few minutes.

America’s highest court, the US Supreme Court, has ruled that Donald Trump can stand as a republican presidential candidate in the Colorado primary.

Those are the live shots there of that famous building, the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. And they have just ruled that Mr, Trump is able to stand in the republican primary in Colorado.

Now, he had been struck off by the state Supreme Court under the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which bars those guilty of insurrection from federal office.

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Now, of course, this all relates to the 6 January 2021, those Capitol riots there. That was, of course, when the former president’s supporters stormed Congress on the 6 January while lawmakers were certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory.

And the state had ruled in Colorado that Mr, Trump would not be able to run and he had been struck off.

But he took that to the next level, to the US Supreme Court, the highest court. And they have, in the past few moments, ruled that Mr, Trump can stand in that republican presidential primary.

Colorado, one of 15 states and one territory, which is holding primaries tomorrow on what’s of course known as Super Tuesday.



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