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Blinken holding trilateral immigration meeting with Mexico, Guatemala

Secretary of State Antony Blinken holding key immigration meetings today amid the record number of migrants at the southern border. And as the Biden administration weighs cracking down on asylum seekers.

The Biden administration is again turning to Mexico, and Guatemala, for that matter, for help in addressing the incredibly vexing challenges here at the US Mexico border. The US under republican and democratic administrations has increasingly relied on other countries in the western hemisphere to address the root causes of migration and to slow the pace of illegal crossings. Here at the US southern border, the Biden administration is likely to ask Guatemala and Mexico for additional help in stopping us bound migrants before they reach american soil.

Blinken holding trilateral immigration meeting

Blinken holding

They’re also likely to ask these countries to accept additional deportations from the US, including of venezuelan migrants who right now cannot be deported to Venezuela because the government there is not accepting us deportations in December.

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Blinken holding

US officials here process a record 300,000 migrants. That number dropped by 50% in January, and that drop was partially attributed to increased mexican enforcement on the other side of the border. But us officials are bracing for those numbers to increase in the spring, as is historically the case. And this is why they’re asking for additional help from Mexico

We also know, Camilla, both President Biden and former President Donald Trump are set to visit the southern border in separate events tomorrow. How will this go down?

It is clear that immigration will be a defining issue in this election for both President Biden and former President Donald Trump. President Biden is headed to Brownsville, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley on Thursday to stage his second visit to the US Mexico border during his time as president. Blinken holding

He will likely use that opportunity, Chanel, to underscore that he reached a deal with lawmakers in Congress, a bipartisan agreement to make some pretty tough and drastic changes to the US immigration system, but that Republicans rejected that agreement because of political reasons. Blinken holding

He will likely underscore that point. Former President Donald Trump is coming here to Eagle Pass also on Thursday to hold a dueling event. He will likely also blame the Biden administration and President Biden for the cris here along the border and will also likely highlight crimes that have been allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants across the country. The Trump campaign, Certainly feels that this is a winning political issue for them. And the polls do indicate that Americans are very concerned about immigration and that they view President Biden’s handling of it in unfavorable terms.

And, Kimlo, the other part of this story really is what happens after migrants cross the border. As you know, we’ve been hearing from local leaders, including New York City’s mayor Eric Adams, really about their frustration around what’s happening when those migrants arrive in their cities, especially when it comes to those sanctuary policies. I’m wondering how the government is responding.

anytime you have a large group like the, what we’ve seen coming to the border over the past three years, some of those people are going to commit crimes. Roughly 3 million migrants have been released from us border custody here over the past three years. They are vetted for security concerns while in border patrol custody. But it is very difficult for the government to control their movements and their actions once they’re out of us custody.

But it is also very important to note that the data that is available does not indicate that migrants who are here illegally commit crimes at a higher rate and level than native born Americans and us citizens. On the contrary, the data that is available suggests that undocumented immigrants, for many reasons, commit crimes at a lower rate than native born Americans. So that is an important note to highlight. But it is clear why some people are having such visceral reactions to these very serious crimes. But it was just important for me, I think, to just set the record straight on that issue.



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